South Louisiana native Kathryn Landry Rogers has demonstrated a lifelong love for organization. Her love for tidy spaces and desire to help others enjoy an organized life motivated her to start freelancing as a pro organizer. Over the past 3 years, she has developed a new outlook on organization through the birth of her 3 children within 2 years.  Her experience in the world of motherhood has shown her that organization is vital when running a busy household with small children. Kat strives every day to help her clients realize their dreams of an organized, efficient space. Call Kat Rogers Inc. today to chat about your space and your lifestyle so Kat can devise a strategy unique for your home or office.Consultations are complimentary.

See a few examples of her organization projects.

​"An organized space can revolutionize your life. It can affect the outcome of your day. Starting your day in an organized space sets the tone for the day."

-Kat Rogers